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For some of you, the fact that I've been on a constant search for a commercial meadery from which to purchase my boozahol is common knowledge. For the rest of you: I love mead. And I want it when I'm not at SCA events.

So recently I discovered a lovely little meadery on hornby island here in BC that not only is, er, a meadery, but takes paypal.

Needless to say, I slapped down the cash right there and bought myself a few (meaning eight) bottles.

We're going through them slowly, but I thought I'd give them a plug.

Alpenglow This one is a semi-sweet, and probably the favourite thus far. The first big difference between honey wine and grape wine is that while the alcohol in grape wine hits you behind the teeth (try it, it's true...) honey wine hits you in the back of the throat. This bottle was one of those 'only improves every sip you take' type things, where the more you drank, the more you could pick out the spices. Could easily be drank with dinner.

Olde Mead Again a semi-sweet, but slightly sweeter than the Alpenglow. I'd put it in the same class as the previous, but would probably buy the alpenglow over this one again (The taste was floral, as it has elderflowers, as apposed to the spice) However, I still enjoy it better than most wines.

Cranberry Mead an off dry... and that wonderful, cranberry bitter. This one was my favourite, while most of the others liked the Alpenglow. Very nice if you like cranberry. :3

And I have... three other kinds to try out, including a desert wine. This should be fun. :3


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